Cookies & Biscuits € 60

An intermediate level course on cookies and Biscuits. Improving your skills by understanding the raw materials that are being used and their reactions in cookies and biscuits.

Cake € 70

An intermediate course on different kind of cakes. Such as sponge cake, muffins and the classic cake. Explaining everything you need to know to get a good understanding of cakes and their functions.

Cookies & Biscuits € 25

A novice level course of Cookies & Biscuits. Learning the basics in chocolate chip cookies, aotmeal cookies and shortbread. In this course the functionalies of basic raw materials will be explained in such a way that everyone can bake delicious cookies & biscuits.

Bakery Academy

These courses are part of Bakery Academy. An independent group of bakery experts. With services in Research and Development, process improvement and commissioning. Supporting bakeries in reseach and developement, commissioning and process improvement.

Baking course levels

There are five different course levels. Check out our Catalog on explanation of the different levels to understand in which one to enroll. Enjoy our courses!